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State Senate President Ron Kouchi: Decades of service to Kauai


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Jan. 18, 2022


Hawaii State Senate President Ron Kouchi hoped to be a high school history teacher and liked reading novels in his spare time. But to get out of a job he was too embarrassed to quit, he began campaigning at age 24 for the Kauai County Council, and that was the beginning of a long career in public service.

In this episode of the podcast, Kouchi discusses how he ended up in Iowa for college, what he learned from playing sports, the advice his father gave him, and what he now tells people just beginning their careers in politics. He also discusses the impact of local politics and how his particular life experiences have informed his advocacy over the years.

And Kouchi reveals why he thinks his colleagues chose him for a leadership role in the state senate (it involves Japanese curry and pale ale chili).